Haiti has perhaps the highest percentage of threatened frog species anywhere in the world. Most of the threats are due to the loss of their forested habitat and the fact that so many of their natural ranges are restricted, sometimes to single mountains.  The southwestern area of Haiti, home to Macaya National Park, is considered among the most  important conservation hotspots in the world primarily due to the critical nature of deforestation and the high diversity of frogs found there.

A concerted effort to identify and locate these species has been the focus of several biological expeditions to the last remaining natural forests found in the country.  Many new species have been discovered and many “lost” species have been re-discovered as published in News.  Extinction in Progress, a documentary highlighting the discoveries and documenting the amphibian habitats in Haiti, has been shown worldwide and available in English, Spanish and French. See the trailer of Extinction in Progress. Eleutherodactylus parapelates © Robin Moore


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