Arnaud Dupuy, Executive Director

Arnaud brings to SAH a lifetime of experience in the environmental, development and government sectors of Haiti.  Prior to becoming the Executive Director of SAH, he was the head of the environmental unit at the United Nations Development Program responsible for many key initiatives at the Ministry of Environment including the National System of Protected Areas.

Elmire Petit De Brice, Financial Manager

Elmire serves as financial manager, assisting both the Executive Director and the Treasurer in managing budgets, financial reports and business administration.

Joel Timyan, Scientific and Technical Advisor

Joel is a resource ecologist and has been active in natural resource management and conservation biology in Haiti for 30 years. He received his Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University and is currently serving as a scientific and technical advisor on all SAH’s programs.

Jean Mary Laurent, Program Coordinator

Jean Mary assists in coordinating SAH’s conservation initiatives of key areas in the Massif de La Hotte. The Massif de La Hotte is among the most important biodiversity hotspots in the Caribbean and this initiative promises to result in new findings, recommendations and actions to be taken by private and public conservation groups.

Jean Vilmond Hilaire, Macaya Program Coordinator

Jean is coordinating SAH’s efforts to conduct scientific research, environmental education and local conservation initiatives in support of the 5-year management plan of Parc National Naturel Macaya.  His multi-disciplinary experiences as the first Executive Director of SAH, former Minister of Environment, professor, ecologist and botanist will contribute tremendously toward the park meeting its management and conservation objectives.

Anderson Jean, Field Biologist

Anderson is organizing local community groups to assist in field research, environmental education and conservation efforts of native mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. He leads the SAH field team in its country-wide effort to inventory the natural areas of Haiti and build the country’s biodiversity database.

Maxon Fildor, Field Assistant

Maxon assists in field surveys and conservation management of important biodiversity areas in Haiti. He is strengthening his skills in environmental education and building on his former experience as a translator and disaster relief specialist.

Beauduy Orelien, Field Assistant

Beauduy’s experience as an agroforestry and community development specialist provides a valuable base to serving as a field biologist with SAH. He is currently acting as SAH’s community liaison to develop the Grand Bois protected area, the first private forest reserve in Haiti.