A La Décourverte des Oiseaux d’Haiti is a guide to 92 species of birds found in Haiti and written for children and adults that combines the presentation of birds and their habitats with exercises and games. The 188-page book is fully illustrated with line drawings, graphics and bird ID guides that are briefly introduced under Birds of Haiti.  The author of the book, Florence Sergile, is a founding member of Société Audubon Haïti and lives in Gainesville, Florida.  The book is written in French.  Copies of the book are available at the office of SAH (Campus Université Quisqueya, Jean Paul II, Haut Turgeau, Port-au-Prince), from the author (3407 NW 54th Lane, Gainesville, FL 32653 or or at


Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti is a comprehensive guide for over 300 species found on the island of Hispaniola that Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic.  The 258-page reference contains color illustrations and range maps for each bird in addition to providing detailed species descriptions, habitats, behavior, and other natural history information.  The book is available in English, French and Spanish.  English versions are available online at, and other booksellers.  French copies are available at the SAH office (Campus Université Quisqueya, Haut Turgeau, Port-au-Prince, or Philippe Bayard’s office (12, Impasse Besse, Petionville,  Spanish versions are available from the Sociedad Ornitólogica de la Hispaniola office in Santo Domingo or Jorge Brocca,

Important Birds Areas in the Caribbean is an excellent introduction to the bird diversity found in this region, especially the high number of endemic birds found only in restricted areas of the Caribbean.  The overall purpose of the book is to identify the most important areas of the Caribbean that need to be protected in order to conserve the important bird populations.  The book is published by BirdLife International who developed the idea of IBAs and collaborates with its many partners throughout the Caribbean in their establishment and monitoring.  It is available in English through online booksellers such as NHBS ( and Amazon (  Limited copies may also be available through partner organizations that BirdLife works with in the Caribbean.


Ti Zwazo Kote w a Prale is a Haitian Creole guide to over 80 birds commonly found in Haiti.  The 143-page book is more comprehensive than the only other Creole bird book available in Haiti (Zwazo Ayiti Yo) and is based on the widely published literature of Hispaniolan birds prior to 2007.  It is available at the SAH office (Campus Université Quisqueya, Haut Turgeau, Port-au-Prince, or by contacting the author’s brother, Arnoux Séverin (