About Us


Our mission is to conserve the biodiversity and natural ecosystems of Haiti through research, education, outreach and national/international partnerships. Société Audubon Haiti is focused on helping Haitian citizens improve their quality of life by restoring the Haitian environment, conserving the natural areas and their wildlife with a special interest in birds.


Société Audubon Haiti was founded as a non-profit foundation in July 2003.  The foundation was organized by a group of professionals concerned with the degradation of Haiti’s ecosystems and determined to contribute to their protection and restoration. The founding members are Philippe Bayard, Jacky Lumarque and Florence Sergile.  Since its beginnings, SAH has welcomed the participation of adults, children, educators, researchers, business persons, local associations, Haitian institutions and international groups desiring to conserve the biodiversity of the island.

SAH was founded in honor of Jean-Jacques Fougère Audubon (John James Audubon), the American ornithologist who was born in 1785 in Cayes, Haiti. Born in Haiti, raised in France and celebrated in the US, Audubon’s passion for the life and art of birds continues in Haiti in many ways through SAH.



Since 2003, Société Audubon Haiti has been at the forefront of conserving Haiti’s unique biodiversity and natural areas. SAH and partners have produced three books about the birds of Haiti, several calendars, featured media outreach and new scientific findings that support the high conservation value of protected areas (PAs), Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in Haiti. SAH has partnered from its beginning with leading international conservation organizations in research, education and conservation.


The membership of SAH includes persons engaged in business, education, international development, health and science. A 9-person board directs SAH and enables the staff to accomplish its mission through fundraising, strategic planning, partnerships and business support.  Click here to see our current Officers and Staff.