Since 2003, Société Audubon Haiti has been at the forefront of conserving Haiti’s unique biodiversity and natural areas. Notable publications sponsored by SAH include three books about the birds of Haiti, several calendars, featured media outreach and contributions to the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) of Haiti. SAH has partnered from its beginning with leading international organizations and local communities throughout Haiti in research, education and conservation.



Scientific expeditions have been conducted in protected areas of Haiti since 2004 in collaboration with local partners (Université d’Etat d’Haïti, Université Quisqueya) and international partners (Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Conservation International, Sliven Institute of Ecology, Technika Univerzita Zvolen, Sociedad Ornitológica Hispaniola, Jardin Botánico Santo Domingo, Pennsylvania State University, Cornell Ornithology Lab, Philadelphia Zoo).  SAH has partnered with Haitian enterprises to sponsor its activities including Voila, Rhum Barbancourt, Unibank, Banque de la République d’Haïti) and international firms (Jensen Foundation, BirdLife International, ACDI, GIZ, Nature Canada).  SAH participates with local communities based on developing local groups through training and employment in conservation activities.

SAH has played a leading role in the organization of Rezo Ekolo – an association representing leading environmental and conservation organizations in Haiti.  Rezo Ekolo has published the Key Biodiversity Areas of Haiti (2011) in three languages (French, Haitian Creole, English), developed a 5-year strategic plan and formalized its legal status in 2012.