Board of Directors

Philippe Bayard, President and Founding Member
Philippe is Director of Sunrise Airways and an entrepreneur with a deep commitment to conserving the natural heritage of Haiti, making conservation a cultural norm in Haiti.

Jessie Haspil, Treasurer
Jessie works as a business administrator and serves with a number of private non-profit organizations in Haiti.

Einar Madsen, Board Member
Einar is an entrepreneur and business investor, serving also on the board of Université Quisqueya.

Jean Maurice Buteau, Board Member
Jean Maurice is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Haitian fruit exporting business and was the co-owner and CEO of JMB, S. A. for over 25 years.

Johanne Buteau, Board Member
Johanne is owner of several hotel and real estate investments in Haiti.

William Eliacin, Board Member
William is the COO of Société du Rhum Barbancourt, the renowned rum of Haiti.

Wilhem Lemke, Board Member
Wilhem is COO and owner of ENMARCOLDA, a marine shipping and logistics company based in Haiti.

Christina Schutt, Board Member
Christina is a trademark lawyer with the Hudicourt Wooley law firm.