2020 Calendar

SAVING THE LAST FORESTS OF HAITI is the theme of the 2020 calendar. The calendar showcases the biodiversity of species-rich hotspots throughout Haiti where the last remaining natural forests occur. You can download a digital version of the 2020 calendar @ Haiti National Trust.








“Sauvons les dernières forêts d’Haïti” (front), “Saving the last forests of Haiti” (back). $ 25 USD while supplies last. Dark green, available in S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Bird Books

You can support the mission of Société Audubon Haïti by stopping by our offices in Petionville or Cayes and purchasing the best bird books available in Haiti. Click here to see a map of the SAH offices in Petionville or Cayes. 









2018 Updated book prices : 1400 Gdes, 1500 Gdes, 1800 Gdes.

A La Découverte is also available in local bookstores (Asterix, La Pléiade in Petionville), from Florence Sergile (3407 NW 54th Lane, Gainesville, FL 32653 or or online at

Ti Zwazo is also available by contacting the author’s brother, Arnoux Séverin (

Birds of the DR and Haiti is available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish). English versions are also available online at and other booksellers.  French copies are also available in local bookstores (Asterix, La Pléiade in Petionville) or Philippe Bayard’s office (12, Impasse Besse, Petionville,  Spanish versions are available from the Sociedad Ornitólogica de la Hispaniola office in Santo Domingo or Jorge Brocca,

Free copy of the classic reference to the trees and shrubs of Haiti – Bwa Yo: Important Trees of Haiti.  Download BWA YO.






Bird Art

SAH supports the art of Larimer Saincilus, an artist who lives in Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite in central Haiti. Larimer’s art of the native birds of Haiti is available by contacting him directly @

Hispaniola Woodpecker (endemic to Hispaniola) SOLD

11” x 14”

Acrylic, canvas, gallery wrap

3,100 Gdes / $ 75




Snowy Egret SOLD

13” x 17”

Acrylic, hardboard, framed

5,800 Gdes / $ 140.



Bay-breasted Cuckoo (endemic to Hispaniola) SOLD

16” x 20”

Acrylic, canvas, gallery wrap

 8,300 Gdes / $ 200





There are a limited number of posters at the SAH office highlighting the endemic wildlife of Haiti.  These posters were printed by the University of Florida in the early 1990s and feature the art of André Normil and Laurie Walz.  Each poster is available for a suggested donation of $ 25 to Société Audubon Haïti.

 André Normil “Sauvons Haïti – Sa Nature et Son Art” (front and back).  This poster is designed as a game for kids to learn the difference between native, exotic and domestic animals found in Haiti.



Laurie Walz “Connaître et Protéger La Richesse Naturelle d’Haïti”, featuring several of Haiti’s native and endemic mammals, reptiles and birds and locating 3 protected areas (Macaya, La Visite and Citadelle).



A second design of “Connaître et Protéger La Richesse Naturelle d’Haïti.”





Laurie Walz “Protége la nature d’Haïti.  Elle est très importante” (front and back).  Text and graphics featuring the critically endangered Solenodon and its habitat in the moist broad-leaved forests of the Massif de la Hotte.