Société Audubon Haiti on the Web provides an overview of the range of activities that have involved our participation and collaboration in Haiti.  If you are interested to receive more in-depth information regarding these news items, please contact us.



Haiti – Biodiversité: Plus d’une centaine d’espèces animales et une trentaine d’espèces végétales en voie de disparition. December 13, 2012.


American Bird Conservancy

Black-capped Petrel radar tracking in Haiti. April 29, 2013.



Spiny Giant Frog, Eleutherodactylus nortoni. March 4, 2013.


Association of Zoos and Aquariums

In-country conservation [amphibians] on Hispaniola. 2012.


Birders’ Exchange

BEX helps leaders in bird conservation in Haiti and Dominican Republic.  2008.


BirdLife International

Waterbirds in Haiti. 2008.

Overview of Important Birds Areas (IBAs) in Haiti. 2009.

Formond Community School, Macaya National Park, Haiti. February 25, 2010.

Launch of Darwin Initiative in Haiti. May 1, 2010.

Synopsis of Darwin Initiative project in post-earthquake Haiti.  September 13, 2010.

CEPF Funding to BirdLife in Haiti.  November 18, 2010.

MacArthur Foundation supports conservation in Haiti. November 18, 2010.

Black-capped Petrel chicks photographed. January 13, 2012.

Black capped Petrel discoveries in Haiti. February 7, 2012.

Durrell’s DESMAN course.  April 17, 2012.


Christian Science Monitor

Haiti to plant 1.2 million trees in a day.  April 29, 2013.



Haiti’s fragile ecosystems facing disaster.  September 10, 2010.

Tiny lost frogs of Haiti. January 13, 2011.


Conservation International

Lost Frogs of Haiti. January 11, 2011.

Capturing photos, Hearts and Minds in Haiti’s Remnant Forests.  September, 2012.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Pilots of the Caribbean.  Summer, 2011.

Sympathy for a “Little Devil”. Autumn, 2012.


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

Photos of Robin Moore’s photography highlighting Massif de la Hotte biodiversity and local culture. October, 2010.

President Martelly meets with Rezo Ekolo, the association of environmental organizations in Haiti. June 17, 2011.


Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Building Haitian capacity to conserve wildlife. 2011.



Hispaniola solenodon in Haiti. January 9, 2009.


The Guardian

Haiti to plant millions of trees.  March 28, 2013.


Haiti Libre

Haïti – Environnement: 25 jeunes suivent un séminaire sur la biodiversité. 31 mars, 2013.

Haïti – Environnement : Nou an danje, une chanson forte pour changer de comportement. 7 novembre, 2014.


Haiti Press Network

Haïti-France-USA : Il y a 226 ans naissait en Haïti le naturaliste Jean-Jacques Audubon. 26 avril, 2011.

Haïti – Biodiversité : Une première exposition sur la protection de la biodiversité en Haïti. 5 décembre, 2012.

Haïti Environnement : Sauvons les ZCB, Zones Clés de la Biodiversité ! 19 septembre, 2014.

Haïti : Gouvernement et ONGs se mettent ensemble pour conserver la biodiversité. 22 septembre, 2014.

Haïti-Env : Les corridors biologiques, indispensables dans la conservation de la biodiversité. 13 octobre, 2014.


Le Nouvelliste

La société Audubon ou l’engagement des amis de la nature. 21 novembre 2008.

Haïti – Environnement : Extinction en cours, il est minuit trop tard ! 4 décembre, 2015.

Haïti – Biodiversité: Extinction en cours: une course contre la montre pour les grenouilles en Haïti. 8 décembre, 2015.

Extinction en-cours ou chronique d’une catastrophe annoncee. 10 décembre 2015.


National Geographic

Lost Haitian frogs.  January 12, 2011.


Nature Canada

Sustainable Livelihoods in Haiti IBAs. 2010.

Formon Community School.  2011.


Nature Picture Library

Nature Picture Library donation for amphibian conservation. October 1, 2014.


New York Times

Earthquake Relief where Haiti wasn’t Broken. July 5, 2012.



Exposition sur la Biodiversité d’Haïti  February 15, 2013.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Evolutionary biology of Anoles in the Caribbean.  August 8, 2011.

Search for rare animals in disappearing forests of Haiti. September 13, 2011.

Haiti’s frogs, losing habitat, find a home at Philadelphia Zoo.  September 27, 2012.


Philadelphia Zoo

Frog Blog. September 12, 2014.


Radio Signal 90.5 FM

Protégeons la biodiversité d’Haïti. December 5, 2012.

Protégeons l’environnement, conservons la biodiversité. April 2, 2013.

Le Lion Fish donne “zizirit” a Anse-a-Pitre  August 12, 2013.

Cacique Henry, pour la protection des espèces endémiques  August 13, 2013.


Synchronicity Earth

Capturing photos, hearts and minds in Haiti. February 25, 2013.


US Fish & Wildlife Service

Ornithological studies in Macaya National Park. February, 2006.

New discovery of Black-capped Petrel nesting sites in Haiti. November, 2011.

La Visite National Park conservation strategy for Bicknell’s Thrush.  May, 2012.

Rescue of Black-capped Petrel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  July, 2012.

Black-capped Petrel Nesting Activity 2011/2012. December, 2012.


Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Bird Conservation in Haiti. 2005.

Avian diversity in Macaya National Park, Haiti. 2005.

Avifaunal surveys in La Visite National Park, Haiti. 2010.

Hope for Haiti’s Montane Forests. Spring, 2013.

Team Berak Finds Reason for Optimism in Haiti. February, 2014.