The Black-capped Petrel is one of the most threatened seabirds in the world.  It spends most of its life at sea, but each year it returns to the island of Hispaniola to nest and raise young.  Most of the nesting sites occur in the southern chain of mountains known as the Massif de la Selle in Haiti and the Barohuco in the Dominican Republic.

SAH is working with its national and international partners in an effort to research and conserve this species in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Exciting discoveries of new nesting sites, an innovative approach to track species by radar and a remarkable rescue of a stranded petrel found in downtown Port-au-Prince highlight the challenges and opportunities that SAH faces to continue conservation efforts. Read more about the “Remarkable Rescue”. Follow the lives of a Black-capped Petrel and a Haitian family in the upcoming documentary of Save the Devil.   Support an effort to study the impact of telecom towers on bird collisions at Seeking Safer Skies for Haiti’s Rarest Seabird