Caribherp ( A complete guide to the amphibians and reptiles of the Caribbean.

Centre National de l’Information Géospatiale ( CNIGS provides geospatial products and services to the public and private sectors in Haiti.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology (  A worldwide leader in the scientific study and conservation of birds whose engagement with Société Audubon Haïti  has been through field training of staff and research oriented toward the threatened endemic birds of the island.

E. L. Ekman Herbarium ( EHH is located on the University of Haiti’s campus of the Faculté d’Agronomie et Medecin Veterinaire near the Ministry of Agriculture.  EHH houses a valuable collection of Eric L. Ekman that remains the most complete collection of plant specimens found in Haiti, particularly species endemic to the island of Hispaniola.

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (  This is the most complete botanical database of E. L Ekman’s collections in Haiti, including 1450 type specimens.

University of Florida Herbarium ( The herbarium collection is the most complete collection of plants occurring in the two national parks of Haiti – Macaya and La Visite. Most of the collection was made in the 1980s when the parks were created and biodiversity surveys were conducted by the University of Florida through support of USAID. Current efforts are being made by the herbarium in partnership with SAH to update the vascular flora of Parc National Naturel de Macaya and make a virtual herbarium of the park available to the public.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( A valuable free and open access to biodiversity data from museums, universities and other research organizations from around the world.

Atlantic Seabird Tracking ( A site tracking seabirds by satellite, including the Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata), a critically endangered petrel that nests mostly in Haiti.

Photographers of Haiti’s Nature

René Durocher  (

Eladio Fernandez (

Nick Hobgood  (

Jurgen Hoppe (,

Miguel Landestoy (

Robin Moore (



Caribnature ( A website devoted to raising awareness of the natural history of the Caribbean and its conservation, beginning with Haiti.

EDGE  (   A program led by the Zoological Society, London (ZSL) and dedicated to evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered (EDGE) vertebrates, including the last two surviving land mammals of Hispaniola.

Philadelphia Zoo ( A Haiti frog conservation program led by Dr. Carlos Martinez at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Association Haitienne de Droit de l’Environnement (  AHDEN is an NGO of lawyers and jurists with a mission to help the disadvantaged sectors of Haitian society fight poverty by defending human and environmental rights.

Audubon Center, American University of the Caribbean (  The Audubon Center of Les Cayes was created to offer local opportunities in environmental education, particularly field studies focused on ornithology and aquatic ecology.

FoProBim (  Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine is engaged in a wide variety of activities focusing on the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems of Haiti.

Oganizasyon Anacoana (  A non-profit based in Dame Marie that has established a bird and frog sanctuary on the tip of the Tiburon peninsula and works among local communities to improve their quality of life.

ORE ( ORE is an NGO based in Camp Perrin whose mission is to improve the environmental, agricultural and economic condition in rural Haiti, particularly in the southwestern part of Haiti.

Zwazo Yo ( A blog site devoted to developing eco businesses in the Central Plateau of Haiti with a particular focus on birds and their ecology.



Ministry of Agriculture ( The official website of the Ministry of Agriculture in Haiti.

Ministry of Environment ( The official website of the Ministry of Environment in Haiti.